Friday, September 11, 2020

How to throw a Spirit Halloween day of dead party


 Dia de los Murtos is here! Celebrate the Mexican tradition of honoring the dead with the living party of Colas and Calaveras. For non-die-hard fans (not intended to be pun), Day of the Dead Halloween night begins and extends over the first two days of November. In short, culture believes that the gates of heaven will open at midnight and that the souls of loved ones will enjoy the festivities prepared for them and flee into the night !!! Enjoy festive time with family and welcome the spirits of your ancestors to Spirit Halloween.

Spirit Halloween day of dead party
Spirit Halloween day of dead party

To make matters easier, our resident party experts have compiled a list of Day of the Dead and Sugar Skull in which information about consumers cannot be stopped. Let's start the party!

1. Decoration

Spirit Halloween features a variety of Day of the Dead and Sugar Scale decor that will make any dinner even more popular and add a hint of color to your home decor! From intricate skull bases to wreaths, tablecloths and more to illustrate - your search for unique Halloween decorations ends here.

2. Entertainment

Decorate your next party with sugar skull pinata and let your friends compete to open it! If you really want to live past, homemade game is a great idea. Watch your guests ’faces as you start the amazing sugar skull bingo game or for a quick fight to“ put your head back on the skeleton ”. There are also some great online tutorials that will teach you how to make your day out of a dead paper crown.

3. Required

Keep your bar safe and don't worry about opening the bottle when you have the sugar skull bottle in your pocket! Tired of the same boring old shot glasses and drinks? Fear not - we also sell hand-painted sugar skull-inspired shot glasses and cups.

4. Touch complete

Take your party game to a new level by completing one of our Dead Costumes‌ and complete the look with a mask. Feeling extra creative? Follow our melting sugar scalp makeup tutorial and try Dead Makeup in a few days! Once you see the results, your guests will feel that you are seeking professional help!

We hope you enjoyed our  Spirit Halloween day of dead party Tips Day as much as we did. Now is the time to prepare your home for your dead ancestors and friends, you will need to grab some items from it. We already found some of our favorites, giving us more space on our site to create the best Dia de los Murtos party venue in our home. !

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